Swedish e-gambling industry goes ahead

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Most Spins:

$100 BBs jasperilla

$50 BBs – Cookiesep2

$30 BBs – bizzee90

$20 BBs – Caitlin, pipper, ImzadiDax, cobby1, gabbysmom, byron, leann166

$10 BBs – Indylady, fanciful9, margran, JakieSami, ontbigdog

$5 BBs – karen76, dreamerswe, nicole1974, grannyd55, duckylee

Most Wins:

$100 BBs – nicole1974

$50 BBs – Caitlin

$30 BBs – byron

$20 BBs – gabbysmom, bizzee90, ontbigdog, Spotprince, jasperilla, jibberzgir, loveangel

$10 BBs – Indylady, JakieSame, kit1991, margran, duckylee

$5 BBs – fanciful9, cobby1, Greenie36, BINGOWENCH, Akpunkin

Swedish e-gambling industry goes ahead

Thousands of Swedes have become active gamblers, who start visiting online gambling resources in the evening. According to the recent studies, cited by Onlinecasinonews.com, the number of serious players who hit the web every night in Sweden reaches six thousand. The players were found to use the most popular gambling sites simultaneously.

Michael Holmberg, a representative of Swedish company Expect, predicts that the profits generated by Swedish gambling industry will increase by 27 percent a month. At the same time, online gambling activity will become extremely popular with Swedes. Spokespersons of other companies such as Betsson, Unibet and Ladbrokes agree with Holmberg’s statement and say that they also experience the same growth. Their profit originated from the Swedish market is increasing at a rate similar to that reported by Expect.

Experts say that the major factor behind the significant development of the gambling industry is success of Scandinavian players. Recently Martin de Kniif won the World Poker Tour in Las Vegas, winning himself the equivalent of 21 million Swedish crowns (US$2,9 million). Such stories are found to be a huge stimulus to other players and an attractive opportunity which draws non-gamblers.

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