South Australian punters spent $5 bln on poker machines

South Australian punters have lost nearly $5 billion in poker machines since hotels and clubs were granted the right to install them. This figure means that gamblers spent more than $9 million a week from a total turnover through the machines of $40.5 billion.

According to, the statistics unveils that the cumulative tax take for the government has been $1.79 billion with the venue share nearly $3 billion. Since the introduction of the pro-gambling initiative, the number of operating machines has doubled from 7372 in 307 venues in 1994-95 to 14,799 machines operating in 593 venues across the state. In September, MPs are going to discuss the issue in order to reduce the number of machines by 3000.

However, many hotel owners argue that the limitation of gambling machines will cut their income, cost jobs, negatively affect community and charity donations. So far, many hotels became thriving business because of pokies.

About $4.5 million was spent on the hotel, which has 39 machines and now employs 60 people. “If we didn’t have the machines we couldn’t afford to spend that sort of money. Gaming has been a godsend. Before that we were battling to make ends meet,” said hotel owner Greg Fahey.

Australian Hotels Association state general manager John Lewis said gaming had created 4400 jobs, provided $90 million for community organisations and helped country hotels survive. But Churches Gambling Taskforce chairman Mark Henley said the negatives regarding economic and social aspects had been substantial.

“We put a cap on poker machine numbers in December 2000, but 3 1/2 years later we are still seeing growth rates in losses,” commented Mark Henley. No Pokies MLC Nick Xenophon said the machines were “electronic locusts because they strip away people’s life savings, their homes, their dignity and, most tragically, sometimes their lives”.

Sky City entertainment purchases more shares in cinema group

Sky City Entertainment Group Ltd, a New Zealand largest casino company, announced an acquisition of Sky City Leisure Ltd, a New Zealand-based cinema group. The Entertainment group possessed 74 percent of Sky City Leisure before the purchase. Now the company would own 95.8 percent of the cinema group’s shares, reported

The recent agreement will allow the Group to continue its expanding policy. Currently Sky City is restricted by legislation from opening any new casinos and widening its existing sites. Therefore the last purchase will give new opportunity to develop its strategy.

The media also reported about the plans of Sky City to buy casinos in Australia, to start investing in internet gaming sites, and to get stakes in rival casinos in New Zealand. Experts consider the Group will have to balance the cinema’s shares by another compulsory acquisition.

Managing Director, Evan Davies commented the purchase, “The decision to acquire the remaining equity in Leisure will enable the ownership and management structure to be streamlined, reducing the corporate and compliance costs of the business, and allowing for future growth.”

“Our offer was found to be fair by independent assessors, and was recommended by the independent directors of SkyCity Leisure. The offer was made with a view to providing minority investors with the opportunity to sell their equity at a fair price,” he added.

European Internet bookie, which is gaining increasing popularity in French-speaking countries, signed an agreement with the Net Entertainment software provider for developing an online casino package for the company, reported. to Introduce New Online Casino

Chief executive of MrBookmaker Didier Dewyn said: “We made the strategic decision to add casino games to our offering in the second half of 2003. Since then we have gone through an extensive selection process to find the partner who will deliver the maximum business value to us. It has not been an easy choice, but when we signed the agreement with Net Entertainment, we were very confident that we had made the right decision. In particular we were very impressed by the powerful backend casino management tools, which will give us total control over our casino operations.”

Pontus Lindwall, chief executive of Net Entertainment, added, “For Net Entertainment, this order marks a breakthrough on the French-speaking European market. Our business goals for 2004 are focused on an expansion of our offering in the main European markets. This order shows that we are well on the way of reaching our goals.”

Net Entertainment was chosen because its casino module has been specifically designed to enable multilingual sites to provide casino games fore their customers. MrBookmaker currently operates in English, French, German and Dutch.

Skulldugery Challenge

Following on from the successful Big Kahuna Challenge last week and the Thunderstruck Challenge the week before that, in the penultimate of these 4 challenges, is giving all slot machine fans the chance to win £1000 in 7 days on the swashbuckling Skullduggery between 24th and 30th May 2004.

To take part users must simply open an account, play Skullduggery for real and compete for the best score on the Skullduggery Gangplank (leader board) which will be updated regularly. Also as per usual any new customers can receive up to £125 when they open an account at the Red32 Casino.

At Midnight (GMT) on 30th May the slot machine player with the best payout to bets placed ratio is crowned Skullduggery Captain and will receive £1,000 into their casino account.

Three land-based casinos collect $61m from gamblers in April

Three Southeastern Indiana casinos cashed in on a busy April by pocketing nearly $61 million from gamblers, reported The Inquirer.

The gross pretax revenue from slot machines and card tables grew by 8.4 percent year-on-year.

Grand Victoria Casino & Resort in Rising Sun collected $12.4 million in April gaming win – a 9.7 percent increase over April 2003. Grand Victoria’s percentage gain was the largest among the three casinos closest to Cincinnati.

Greater Cincinnati’s top grossing casino, Argosy Casino & Hotel in Lawrenceburg, took $37.1 million from gamblers, up 8.3 percent from a year ago. Belterra Casino Resort near Florence, Ind., brought in $11.4 million, a 7.4 percent gain.

Belterra is aggressively adding new amenities as it attempts to cast a wider net for gamblers from other Midwest cities. So far this year, the hotel/casino owned by Las Vegas Pinnacle Entertainment has opened a 300-room hotel tower and 33,000 square feet of meeting space. Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby will open a restaurant at the casino next week. Plans call for a Starbucks coffee shop to open this summer, too.

Schwarzenegger boosts large casino near San Francisco

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is reported to support building a massive Indian casino near San Francisco which is expected to generate up to $125 million in annual taxes.

Schwarzenegger has negotiated with the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians and allowed the 255-member tribe to build and operate the first major Indian casino in an urban area of California, reported

The casino is reported to expand Las Vegas-style gambling in the state’s cities filling the gap in the local market which offers small casinos only. Las Vegas resorts, which mainly serve visitors from California, have long lobbied against legislation to expand big, glitzy operations.

The new casino will provide 5,000 slot machines amid a 500,000 square-foot complex, competing huge U.S. gambling halls like Connecticut’s Indian-run Foxwoods Resort, Mohegan Sun casinos and dwarf Las Vegas resorts.

“This casino is going to have at least 1,000 more slot machines than the biggest casino in Nevada. The machines would be lucrative for both the tribe and California’s cash-strapped state government,” commented I. Nelson Rose, a Whittier Law School professor.

The agreement due to be signed on Thursday states that the casino is to be located in San Pablo, California about 18 miles from San Francisco. According to the initial estimates, the casino would generate about $125 million annually in revenue. This money will help to solve budget problems which face a gap of about $5 billion in its next annual period.

Top Poker Games Now In Online Casinos

We all have now an incredible chance to test and play the best no deposit casino slots with all the variants that this fantastic casino game continues to provide to its players. Although the rules to play have the same base, the types of poker game never ceased to amaze and interest players, like a new and exciting casino game.
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Russian women can’t beat Mauresmo, Davenport, Serena

Russian women can’t beat Mauresmo, Davenport, Serena at the WTA Tour Championships, Los Angeles: Russia’s young female tennis stars – Maria Sharapova, Anastasia Myskina, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Vera Zvonareva, Elena Dementieva – make up an unprecedented 5 of the 8 competitors for the world’s top-ranking players at the WTA Tour Championships in Los Angeles, but the other 3 players – Amelie Mauresmo, Lindsay Davenport, Serena Williams – have yet to be defeated.

Amelie Mauresmo, the French star, bidding to capture the number one world ranking at the season-ending WTA Tour Championships, opened her campaign with a 6-1, 6-0 rout of Russian Vera Zvonareva.

While American Lindsay Davenport has retaken the lead in the world rankings, Mauresmo said her brief ascension to the summit had only made things easier for her on court. Davenport thrashed Elena Dementieva 6-0, 6-1 on Wednesday night.

America’s Serena Williams, defeated French Open champion Anastasia Myskina of Russia in three sets on Wednesday.

No Russian has yet beaten one of the non-Russian players with U.S. Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova first defeating Russian countrywoman Vera Zvonareva 6-2, 6-4, but then losing to Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova 6-1 6-4 in her second match of the tournament.

Strategies in online poker games

In poker are present a number of strategies that can be winners.All what you need to do is to find the best one, namely the one that suits you the most. Don’t forget, it’s very important to always evaluate your initial valued hand and the benefits from the table!
At the table you should calmly observe your opponents and technique game.You must guess you assess your chances of winning, to think mathematically, to trust your instincts, to think before you act, matter a lot to know take advantage of good cards and know the risky ones. Don’t arouse those players who are excited or nervous, do not play every hand, than with good cards and do not bluff too much (unless you feel opponents).
For all these indications you will need before starting a free online slots games.But surely soon they will absorb and you will become a great poker strategist, of course, with time you will form a strategy based on your own small indications.

New ways to play poker online

For many years, the chance to play online poker has increased the number of good poker players from all over the world. Online casinos have also this function of spreading the new gaming to as many players and being opened 24 h/day, ensuring free support and connection to an exquisite list of free slots bonus games betting and that’s for sure a fantastic opportunity for any gamer.
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Active gambling in best online casinos

These days playing in free online casino slots will reveal you an incredible aspect about online gambling. Sure, we are used to individual gambling, sitting in front of our computer and betting on a casino machine, but sometimes we miss the interactivity, the fun conversations with our “table” neighbors, because this is also a part of casino playing charm. That is why, considering the fact that more of our social live and a big part of our conversations with friends takes place on chats and popular social networks, online casinos have introduced for some games, the possibility to interact with other players via these channels.

Gambling rooms are an example for how you can play a casino game and talk with your table colleagues. If we think at a really important casino game like poker, there are many opinions stating that the poker game is in the essence a psychological game and knowing how to “read” your opponents will give you better results than any other technique. Besides these amazing opportunities to play in active gambling rooms, let’s not forget that in online casinos you will have plenty of room to exercise, to practice and learn each detail of a casino game. The diversity of slots free will open your mind, seeing this game in every aspect. So, don’t hesitate to play all types of poker games from video poker to let’em ride poker, from table poker to live poker rooms games. It is an exciting adventure and very useful for your experience.

The cost of play

Game as defined is a form of recreation and relaxation. People who are stressed from finding work playing to be a way out of the pressures of their jobs. Old men play to mix and socialize with others, especially those who receive their pensions and have nothing to do, playing is an activity that can keep them busy.

The game in moderation is not a problem. Superior taken and done of everything is not all good.

The usual game can do more harm to a person than good. The game in the casino is quite expensive for an average Joe. Considering the cost of going to casinos; tip, food, drinks, and budget game. You can save on hotel accommodation if you live nearby, otherwise these expenses are added to your cost.

An addiction to this kind of hobby can have the negative effect on one’s personality. Perception and feelings to one can change. If a person is addicted to gambling, there is only one thing in the mind of a person who is playing more.

The concentration to one to other things is changed, whether the results to the lack of performing other tasks or the responsibilities that are provided for. The profession or job at one is usually the first to suffer. This can happen due to lack of sleep caused by play until the early hours of the morning. The performance of a person at work will decrease, scheduled deadlines can not be met and assigned duties can not be accomplished. Such an event may lead to the suspension or the worst judgment.

One’s finances also suffer because of excessive gambling. Money that is allocated for other things can be used to play it instead of spending on larger expenses. People who have no control over their money while gambling result in excessive loans and bankruptcy.

One’s family and relationships to loved ones are affected if a person is addicted to gambling. The quality time spent with family and friends is shortened by this habit. Financial and emotional problems will also evolve in the family circle which can often result in physical and verbal abuse. Continued fighting in the family often leads to the separation of couples and unfortunately children are the ones to suffer more.

A person who is involved in excessive gambling should seek psychological treatment. The family plays an important role in this kind of treatment. Their love, acceptance and remission will amplify the person’s morale and help change their perspective and help them begin to focus on what is important and necessary. Prevention is always the best way to combat addiction to the game. If a person has strong discipline and composure, this can save one from experiencing the troubles that excessive gambling brings.