Backgammon label

Here’s the common label seen in backgammon. These are seen in both real and electronic backgammon game.

Appropriate label

1. Use a friendly tone by greeting your competitors at all times. Simply do not proceed and do not roll the dies.

2. Always say goodbye after a match. Thank the player for a nice game, or one that gives you some comfort.

3. On a double, gently put the cube in the middle, and say double. For a hold, place it on your side and say “take. When you drop, place the cube correctly where it belongs. and clearly push the “down” or “pass”.

4. Points should be monitored by both parties. You should declare points or accept your opponent’s statement of points after each game. In a Crawford game, the points announcement should be made during the start and the cube must be removed from the board.

5. Before rolling, the dies must be shaken three times. Avoid shaking when your opponent is playing or considering about a game.

6. Stay silent and while your opponent is always calm and always while your opponent is evaluating or playing.

False label

1. Avoid mentioning your opponent’s luck or lucky spins, in duration or at the conclusion of the match. It is similar to assuming that he wins or has won because of luck not by his qualifications.

2. Do not describe the wrong roll of your opponent or your good bearings. He is boring and whimsical.

3. Avoid holding the doubling cube if you want to say to double. In fact, obviously or secretly, it could have been a kind of dishonesty.

4. Unless your competitor is picking up his dice, never roll the dice. Premature turnover, or at the same time it takes its dice, can cause conflict over whether or not the bearing counts, or whether the player is contemplating about his game. This also unjustly speeds up the competitor in the game.

5. Avoid laughing or laughing nervously when your opponent turns a bad ride, or rejoicing when you get a good ride.

6. Avoid delaying. It’s not bad if you’re considering a real hard decision about your game. Even seasoned veterans need time to evaluate any conditions. However, taking too long on a basic decision between two games at game parties is totally unacceptable.

7. Avoid talking with people in the other table. Avoid small conversations and focus your attention on the game.

8. If you want to take a break and take down a council position for future assessment, ask your competitor if he is well. Do it quickly and avoid doing it a lot of times.

9. Avoid saying “nice roll” or “good play” after every good roll and after every game. Giving the compliment is just like telling your opponent that he was just lucky.

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