The cost of play

Game as defined is a form of recreation and relaxation. People who are stressed from finding work playing to be a way out of the pressures of their jobs. Old men play to mix and socialize with others, especially those who receive their pensions and have nothing to do, playing is an activity that can keep them busy.

The game in moderation is not a problem. Superior taken and done of everything is not all good.

The usual game can do more harm to a person than good. The game in the casino is quite expensive for an average Joe. Considering the cost of going to casinos; tip, food, drinks, and budget game. You can save on hotel accommodation if you live nearby, otherwise these expenses are added to your cost.

An addiction to this kind of hobby can have the negative effect on one’s personality. Perception and feelings to one can change. If a person is addicted to gambling, there is only one thing in the mind of a person who is playing more.

The concentration to one to other things is changed, whether the results to the lack of performing other tasks or the responsibilities that are provided for. The profession or job at one is usually the first to suffer. This can happen due to lack of sleep caused by play until the early hours of the morning. The performance of a person at work will decrease, scheduled deadlines can not be met and assigned duties can not be accomplished. Such an event may lead to the suspension or the worst judgment.

One’s finances also suffer because of excessive gambling. Money that is allocated for other things can be used to play it instead of spending on larger expenses. People who have no control over their money while gambling result in excessive loans and bankruptcy.

One’s family and relationships to loved ones are affected if a person is addicted to gambling. The quality time spent with family and friends is shortened by this habit. Financial and emotional problems will also evolve in the family circle which can often result in physical and verbal abuse. Continued fighting in the family often leads to the separation of couples and unfortunately children are the ones to suffer more.

A person who is involved in excessive gambling should seek psychological treatment. The family plays an important role in this kind of treatment. Their love, acceptance and remission will amplify the person’s morale and help change their perspective and help them begin to focus on what is important and necessary. Prevention is always the best way to combat addiction to the game. If a person has strong discipline and composure, this can save one from experiencing the troubles that excessive gambling brings.

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